Recent Guidance from Wisconsin Physicians Services (WPS)

WPS, the Legacy Part B Medicare Administrative Contractor for Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, has issued recent guidance regarding documentation of discard or waste for drugs and biologicals as well as missing information on the Medicare CMS-855 provider enrollment applications. Notably, WPS voices CMS’ direction that physicians, hospitals, and other providers “make good faith efforts to minimize the unused portion of a drug/biological product by ordering, scheduling, and storing in a manner in which the provider can use drugs/biologicals most efficiently in a clinically appropriate manner. Drug wastage or discard must be documented in the patient’s medical record with date, time, amount wasted, and reason for wastage.” CMS may deny an amount billed as non-rendered if there is a discrepancy between the amount administered and the amount billed, unless the waste is properly documented. Finally, the wasted amount must not be administered to another patient and, subsequently, re-billed.

In its other guidance, WPS indicates CMS is beginning to decrease its dependence on standard mail communication and, instead, is turning its efforts toward e-mail communication for the majority of instances for missing information on a CMS-855 provider enrollment application. CMS insists that contact persons listed on the 855 stay attentive to their e-mails and promptly respond to requests.

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