OIG Launches Redesigned Hotline Website

Due to the high volume of tips and complaints the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) receives – approximately 115,000 each year – the need for an efficient means of capturing these complaints was vital for OIG. Released to the public November 14, 2019, the newly redesigned OIG Hotline website is now the preferred method for users to submit tips or complaints.

The site has been completely revamped to include user-friendly updates such as guided questions and options for users to provide supplementary documentation for their submission. Furthermore, the addition of mobile compatibility for the site increases the options for access individuals previously had.

“The Hotline is the public face of the Health and Human Services Inspector General,” said Nenette Day, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Office of Investigations.

Although not every submission results in an investigation, Hotline tips are incredibly valuable for OIG to work to end fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. OIG also noted that individuals who submit a tip or complaint will not receive updates on a pending investigation, if one exists. “One of the things to understand is that we are a law enforcement entity and we can’t confirm the existence or nonexistence of an investigation, so we are not able to provide status,” said Day. “But we want people to understand that without these complaints, we couldn’t stamp out fraud, waste, and abuse.”

Given the number of OIG enforcement and complaints, health care providers and suppliers are well advised to proactively address their individual compliance needs.

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