OIG Finds Billing Vulnerabilities with Medicare Hospice Benefits

On September 22, 2010, the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) released its Memorandum Report: Questionable Billing for Physician Services for Hospice Beneficiaries addressing a hospice billing vulnerability that cost CMS $566,000 in 2009. The OIG noted that there are instances of billing a single service under both Medicare Parts A and B. Specifically, “physicians may be billing for services related to the terminal illness under Part B that hospices are also billing for under Part A.” 11% of such practices are from Florida, the state with the most instances of duplicate billing, followed by North Carolina with 3%.

Typically, if the beneficiary’s physician is an employee or under contract with the hospice, Medicare pays the hospice for the physician’s services under Part A (and the hospice, then, compensates the physician). If, on the other hand, the beneficiary’s physician is not an employee or under contract with a hospice, then Medicare pays the physician, directly, under Part B. Under the OIG’s examination, it “identified instances in which a physician billed Part B for services provided to a hospice beneficiary for his or her terminal illness while a hospice billed Part A for services by that same physician for the same beneficiary and illness.” The OIG admitted that, through its evaluation, it could not discern whether or not the inappropriate billing was a fault on a physician’s part or a hospice’s part, and the OIG acknowledged that the problem did not appear to be widespread. Regardless, the OIG encouraged CMS to monitor the issue and work to correct the vulnerability.

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