Michigan Office of Health Services Inspector General Created

Following the leads of a number of other States, including New York, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has issued an Executive Order creating an independent Office of Health Services Inspector General (the “OHSIG”). According to the Executive Order, OHSIG, which will be organized as an independent and autonomous entity within the Department of Community Health, is charged with the responsibility to “conduct and supervise activities to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse in health services programs” such as Medicaid. The Health Services Inspector General, which will be vested with broad powers to carry out its anti-fraud and abuse mandate, will be appointed by the Governor. The Executive Order becomes effective October 1, 2010.

For more information, please contact Carey F. Kalmowitz, Adrienne Dresevic or Abby Pendleton at (248) 996-8510.

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