MGMA’s Physician Starting Salary Survey Released

According to the Medical Group Management Association (“MGMA”), physicians enjoyed an employee’s market in 2010. Based on MGMA survey data, 56% of first-year physicians accepted paid relocation packages and signing bonuses last year. Also, 12% of first-year doctors obtained loan-forgiveness packages.

The MGMA survey also found that first-year specialists in multispecialty practices earned 7.5% more than similar physicians in single-specialty practices in 2010 (median salaries of $258,677 and $240,596, respectively). Among primary-care doctors, however, the situation was reversed. New primary-care doctors in single-specialty practices earned 4.5% more than their peers in multispecialty practices (median salaries of $172,400 and $165,000, respectively).

The MGMA survey is based on data from 4,295 providers and starting salaries of 1,986 physicians directly following residency or fellowship.

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