MGMA Physician Compensation Survey Highlights Released

The Medical Group Management Association (“MGMA”) recently released the result highlights of the largest physician compensation survey in the United States. The survey is based on 2010 data from 60,000 providers in more than 150 specialties; the publically reported figures focus on 15 specialties.

According to the selected specialties data, orthopedic surgeons were the highest earners, with a median salary of $514,659. Invasive cardiology ($500,993) and diagnostic radiology ($471,253) were also among the highest paid specialties.

Primary-care physicians earned least based on the data. Family practice (without obstetrics), pediatric/adolescent medicine, and internal medicine recorded median salaries ranging from $189,402 to $205,379.

Emergency medicine physicians experienced the highest level of salary increase (5.65%). Neurologists (5.02%) and internists (4.21%) rounded out the top three salary gainers. On the other end of the spectrum, the largest median salary decrease was seen by urologists (-4.66%). In comparison, the 2010 rate of inflation, as indicated by the Consumer Price Index, was 1.5%.

Regional data revealed that primary care physicians and specialists earned least in the Eastern region and most in the Southern region.

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