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LARA Launches New Licensing System

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) recently launched a new licensing platform for physicians (MDs and DOs) and 10 other licensed professions called the Michigan Professional Licensing User System (MiPLUS). The new system is intended to provide an improved interface for licensees and consumers and reduce mailing delays. All professional licensees will be required to apply for a new license or renew their current license by using the new online platform. Under the new system, license expirations dates will correspond with the licensee’s date of initial licensure and will be for the full length of the license cycle.

Some of the MiPLUS features are:

  • Individuals can apply online, track the status of their application, and renew their license.
  • Individuals can verify the status of a licensed professional, file a complaint against a licensed professional, report a change in staff privileges.
  • Licensees can update their current information and self-report their convictions and disciplinary actions from other states.

With regard to the last bullet point, please note that under MCL 333.16222(3), a licensee must notify LARA of any criminal conviction within 30 days after the date of conviction and the failure to do so gives rise to a separate basis for an administrative action by LARA against one’s license.  The 30-day clock begins to run from the date of the conviction (e.g., the judgment based upon a no contest plea) not sentencing (which often occurs later).  Similarly, under MCL 333.16222(4), a licensee must notify LARA of any out of state disciplinary board action within 30 days after the date of the action and failure to do so gives rise to a separate basis for an administrative action by LARA against one’s license. Importantly, when reporting either a criminal conviction or an out of state board action, a licensee should retain experienced health care legal counsel to assist in such reporting in order to minimize the likelihood of significant adverse impact upon one’s health care license.

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