In Office DME Arrangements Should be Carefully Reviewed by Legal Counsel

In their June newsletter, The Record, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) recommended that physicians “consult with their legal counsel periodically.” The problem that BCBSM identified is the situation where physicians prescribe and dispense durable medical equipment and prosthetics and orthotics items in order to provide a means for their patients to be ambulatory prior to leaving the physician’s office. BCBSM has encouraged this practice; however, they warn physicians that certain practices may run afoul to local, state and federal laws. In particular, physicians should worry about the Stark and anti-kickback laws that prohibit self-referrals. Therefore, as BCBSM concludes, it is important for physicians to consult with their legal counsel to ensure compliance with the law. This is especially important when physicians provide durable medical equipment to patients directly from their office. Legal counsel should carefully review such practices to ensure compliance with the Stark law.

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