Hospice Provider Charged with Defrauding Medicare for More Than $14 Million

In an indictment unsealed on October 12, Matthew Kolodesh (a/k/a “Matvei Kolodech”) was charged with a laundry list of crimes, including 1 count of conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud, 21 counts of healthcare fraud, 2 counts of mail fraud and 11 counts of money laundering of monetary instruments over $10,000. Kolodesh set up, controlled and operated Home Care Hospice, Inc. wherein he allegedly “authorized the submission of claims to Medicare totaling approximately $14.3 million, which claims defendant Kolodesh and A.P. knew were false and fraudulent.” “A.P.” is the name given in the indictment to Kolodesh’s business partner.

The government alleges, in part, that in committing healthcare fraud Kolodesh paid for referrals, paid for certifications of hospice eligibility, authorized fabrication of patient records and supporting documentation, created phony schedules of continuous care visits to patients who were not qualified for continuous care or were never provided continuous care, falsified records submitted in connection with a Medicare audit and siphoned funds from Home Care Hospice that were “fraudulently obtained Medicare payments” to unjustly enrich himself and his family.

According to the Department of Justice press release, “if convicted of all charges, Kolodesh faces a statutory maximum sentence of 370 years in prison. The government will also seek restitution to Medicare in the amount of $14.3 million and proceeds from the money laundering.”

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