Gov. Paterson Orders Lawmakers Back To Discuss Budget, Medicaid

Governor David Paterson has called for a mandatory session with the state legislature to address the remaining portion of the state budget. This comes after local governments around New York threatened to suspend their Medicaid payments to the state as a consequence of New York’s chronic cash shortage. The special session will focus on passing a revenue bill, along with a contingency plan for the possible loss of more than $1 billion in federal Medicaid money.

While the state Senate remains hopeful that they will pass the revenue bill, the final bill requires reaching an agreement on a Medicaid contingency plan, SUNY empowerment and property tax relief. The Senate has thus far struggled to pull its members together to reach an agreement on the three proposals.

Further, while Paterson has used his power to call the Senate back for the special session, he cannot enforce them to act on any of his agenda items. If either chamber wants to ignore the governor, they can simply gavel in and gavel out in the space of a few minutes.

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