Detroit and Wayne County Leaders Seek $20 million for Health Centers

Detroit and Wayne County leaders are attempting to convince federal authorities to provide $20 million over the next five years to build at least 10 more community health centers. Although Detroit and Wayne County rank among of the nation’s highest poverty and unemployment rates, the area has only 24 federally funded health centers or federally qualified health centers (“FCQAs”).

Doctors and other regional leaders in Detroit and Wayne County requested that the Health Resources and Services Administration ascribe greater weight to factors such as poverty and unemployment, as well as the lower than average primary care providers per capita ratio in determining the next round of grants expected later this year.

Detroit received $7.98 million in 2006 to build and operate clinics, ranking 19th among large cities. To the extent that poverty-related factors represent a more significant determinant, it is expected that the Detroit and Wayne County’s share of future grants will expand.

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