RAC Presentation Published by CMS

A presentation explaining basic information about Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) was published by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on their website. The presentation describes RACs as a way to identify and resolve past improper payments, as well as provide reason to avoid future improper payments. Any entity that bills fee-for-service programs is eligible for evaluation by the RACs. There is a link to the schedule of dates that RACs will expand to each of the United States. The presentation also describes the legislation that mandates RACs, the review and collection processes, and the options available to providers who receive claims.

To view the slide presentation, please click here.

CMS also released the recording, transcript and additional information from the April 14 RAC Open Door Forum for Part B providers. To view these resources, please click here.

For more information regarding RACs, please call Abby Pendleton, Esq. or Jessica L. Gustafson, Esq. at (248) 996-8510, visit The HLP website’s RAC, Medicare and Other Payor Audits page, or visit The HLP website.

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