America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009

On September 22, 2009, the U.S. Senate’s Chairman’s Mark released a draft legislation regarding the future of healthcare in the United States. Some notable points include:
– Limiting physician referrals only to permit hospitals that meet certain exemption requirements, which would be more stringent than the current Medicare requirements;
– Establishing a process to update HIPAA standards periodically;
– Increasing transparency in the physician-manufacturer relationship involving payments and transfers of value and physician ownership or investment interests in manufacturers;
– Including in the in-office ancillary exception, for designated health services, that the referring physician inform the patient that s/he is not required to obtain services from the referred physician or a physician affiliated with the referring physician;
– Screening all providers and suppliers prior to the Secretary granting Medicare billing privileges;
– Expanding and consolidating provider databases with a “national patient abuse/neglect registry into a centralized sanctions data system;”
– Imposing a compliance program for Medicare and Medicaid providers as a condition of participation;
– Requiring Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers to repay overpayments when identified through an internal audit;
– Establishing a self-disclosure protocol allowing providers to voluntarily disclose instances or potential instances in which s/he has violated the physician self-referral law; and – Expanding the RAC program the Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid.

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