A Message to Our Clients

In light of recent events and in order to maintain compliance with Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order (EO 2020-21) and New York’s “New York State on PAUSE” Executive Order (EO 202.6), The Health Law Partners, P.C. (“HLP”), has introduced a work-from-home policy for all attorneys and employees. Staff will only be on-site in order to ensure the essential tasks needed to maintain the firm’s continued operations are completed.

HLP recognizes how the current international situation has produced unique business and legal concerns for not only our clients, but health care businesses across the country. Our attorneys are prepared to continue to work directly with our clients to navigate this unprecedented time via phone and email. We are staying alert to all legislation as it relates to the health care industry, whether local, state, or federal, to monitor the potential effects for both HLP and our clients.

Our firm was prepared for this eventuality and has ensured that all staff is properly equipped to remotely address any concerns in a technologically-secure setting. We will continue to post relevant updates on our News site as they become available. If there are any questions on the firm’s current operations or how new legislation may impact you, please email Adrienne Dresevic, Esq. at adresevic@thehlp.com, Jessica L. Gustafson, Esq. at jgustafson@thehlp.com, Robert S. Iwrey, Esq. at riwrey@thehlp.com, Carey F. Kalmowitz, Esq. at ckalmowitz@thehlp.com, Clinton Mikel, Esq. at cmikel@thehlp.com, or Abby Pendleton, Esq. at apendleton@thehlp.com, or call us at (248) 996-8510 or (212) 734-0128.

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